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Shahnaz Kamberi

Shahnaz Kamberi is an accomplished educational games and ed-tech designer, as well as a published researcher in serious games. With over fourteen years of experience teaching computer science and game programming both onsite and online, Kamberi is a seasoned STEM research and outreach professional who is dedicated to finding innovative ways to engage students in the classroom.

Kamberi's passion for promoting diversity in computer science led her to develop an educational video game aimed at teaching Java programming to adolescent girls. She actively volunteers her time to increase the number of women and minorities in the industry.

As a researcher, Kamberi focuses on designing and developing games for education and training, with a particular emphasis on gender-inclusive and gender-neutral video game design. Her teaching philosophy centers on creating learning spaces and experiences rather than simply presenting content. She employs real-world examples and hands-on approaches to keep her students engaged, and she remains flexible and experimental in her methods to challenge and inspire her students.

Kamberi's commitment to improving STEM education through innovative teaching and research makes her a valuable asset to the field and she is dedicated to empowering underrepresented groups.

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